Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Huntsville

Strong, Attractive Restorations for Damaged Teeth

Cavities can happen, even if you have been caring for your teeth with good oral hygiene at home, a healthy diet, and regular visits for dental cleanings and exams. When a cavity develops, fillings are used to stop further decay and restore the health of the tooth. At Flint River Dental, we offer tooth-colored fillings in Huntsville to repair the damage and blend the filling to the natural color of your teeth.

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Reasons to Consider Tooth-Colored Fillings

For many years, amalgam fillings were the only option for cavities. Modern advances in dentistry have resulted in composite materials that match the natural color of your teeth. We use tooth-colored fillings in Huntsville to restore your tooth and maintain the beauty of your smile. The fillings blend perfectly with your tooth enamel, so you won’t notice the repair.

Composite tooth-colored fillings can be used to:

  • Fill cavities and maintain your natural appearance
  • Fix cracked or broken teeth
  • Repair teeth with uneven gaps and spaces
  • Restore teeth with irregularities

Unlike amalgam fillings that appear darker than the tooth and darken even more over time, composite fillings are made to match your natural tooth color. This method can be used to restore decayed teeth and correct cosmetic imperfections in the teeth. They are especially useful for teeth that show when you smile.

Restoring the Structural Integrity of the Tooth

We offer tooth-colored fillings in Huntsville to repair teeth that are damaged by decay and restore the structural integrity of your tooth. Amalgam material just fills the empty space but doesn’t bond to the natural tooth. Composite fillings are bonded to the natural tooth structure, which provides a stronger and more attractive restoration.

At Flint River Dental, we use a proven process to place cosmetic fillings, so the material bonds securely to your natural teeth. Because the restoration is firmly bonded to your teeth, bacteria won’t collect inside the tooth, as can happen with amalgam fillings. This helps to prevent further decay and more serious problems in the future.

Learn More About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite tooth colored fillings are popular with our patients because they look natural and don’t cause the problems that are common with amalgam fillings. At Flint River Dental, we take a conservative approach to treatment whenever possible. We have chosen to offer this service to provide our patients with an effective treatment for restoring and protecting your oral health.

If you have a damaged tooth or need a cavity, we can discuss composite fillings and other options to restore your oral health. Because every patient is unique, we tailor our services to the individual needs of each patient. Dr. Darby can assess your oral health, determine if a filling is needed, and explain the treatment options that are available to restore the affected tooth.

Give us a call today at (256) 537-8878 to book an appointment to discuss tooth-colored fillings.

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