Dr. Meghan Darby
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I'm afraid of dental visits. How can you help?

Dental anxiety is very common and affects millions of people. The team at Flint River Dental is sensitive to your concerns, and we’ve helped hundreds of patients overcome their fears.

Our first priority is your complete comfort. We know that if you always feel comfortable with us, you’re more likely to keep up with routine dental visits. And those visits are essential if you want to minimize your risk for developing complicated dental problems.

We’re pleased to offer very effective sedation options to allow you to get the important treatments you need. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is very mild and will put you in a relaxed and dreamy state. The advantage of using nitrous is that there are no lingering effects. You can have your treatment done and then go on with your busy day.

If you’d like a little more help relaxing, we offer oral sedation. In this case, Dr. Darby would prescribe a sedative for you to take before you get to our office. When you arrive for your procedure, you will already feel more calm and relaxed. Dr. Darby will give you additional medication when you arrive, and you will be closely monitored throughout your appointment. Just remember that you will need a driver to get you safely to and from our office.

Please give us a call if you’d like to learn more about our comfortable sedation options.

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